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New Astrology 101 Class Begins This Month

Posted on January 13, 2018 at 11:15 AM

It's YOUR energy - you should know as much about it as possible!

And that's one of the reasons why astrology is a phenomenal tool for your conscious soul growth.

2018 is the perfect time to dive deeper into your natal astrology chart and discover more about your spiritual gifts, soul lessons, innate abilities, and your unique Divine blueprint.

It's time to open up to your soul's energy in this introductory Astrology 101 course.

In our 6 weekly classes together, we'll look at the practical elements of your astrology energy, including:

- 12 signs, 12 planets, 12 houses

- How you learn and process information best

- Your emotional needs in your closest relationships

- Where you need to devote more energy to "do your work"

- The main area of life where you will be continually growing and evolving

- Your most important astrological energies - there could be 4 or 5!

Even if astrology looks confusing or puzzling to you, you will learn a lot of valuable information about your natal astrology chart in simple, easy-to-understand terms - promise! I was new to all of this at one point too, and I make it easy for students to understand the central parts of their chart so you can put more pieces together for your own benefit and growth.

Once you have the basics down, astrology becomes an amazing way to love and understand yourself better.

6-week course begins Saturday, January 20, 2018.

Taught online and replays are available.

Designed for a global audience.

Register and check out more details over here

*Special offer for previous students who would like to take this as a Refresher Course. More details on registration page.

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