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Twin Flames: Should I Wait or Should I Move Forward?

Posted on June 24, 2018 at 9:10 AM

The more conscious person in the Twin Flame connection often feels a responsibility to the other person and their choices. Should you wait for them or should you move forward on your own path?

I guide you through a visualization scenario to help you connect with the choices that are best for you as well as where you feel the most powerful right now.

This is video 10 in the Twin Flames Healing Journey Teaching Series on my new YouTube channel.

Listen here to this video and check out the full series.

In this teaching series, I share with you more about the general energies, soul mission, healing themes, inner work, and soul connections between Twin Flames.

I hope these insights help you heal and trust on a deeper level, as well as take ownership over your own energy, power, and purpose regardless of what another person is doing or choosing. Some TF connections can create an imbalance of codependence, expectations, and waiting for another’s growth that only holds you back from your true purpose and potentials. Please assess yourself with love and determine if you are consciously in your true power and in alignment with your own growth and inner work.


Categories: Conscious Messages , Twin Flames Healing Journey