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Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ Soul Contracts Complete! Big Beginnings!

Posted on December 22, 2019 at 5:25 PM

Hear that? It's the sound of karma leaving as the Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse at 4 degrees brings in blasts of closure and soul contract completions.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Jupiter and the South Node in Capricorn, signalling a time of significant endings that coincide with energies from 2010, 2011, and 2018 that you are DONE with for good at a soul level. What have you mastered over the past decade that you are ready to recognize in yourself?


This is a Turning Point eclipse as the initiation energies of the New Moon Solar Eclipse pair up with the karmic endings of the South Node. Jupiter makes it easier to level up and move forward while also bringing great clarity to what we need to see and learn from in the world.


Saturn is the ruler of this eclipse at 20 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto for the next 2 months. Real world changes are happening - permanently and completely - as we sweep out what is old, rotten, and no longer of benefit to humanity. This is also the eclipse point for the Jan 10 Cancer Lunar Eclipse, so get ready because the waves are coming in bigger than ever as The Great Awakening to what is happening on the planet is now real.


Uranus in Taurus RX brings in exciting developments and changes that align with Divine Timing in our physical reality. Movement can happen quickly and shake-ups will be unfolding that allow us to see what is real and what is not. Mercury conjunct the Galactic Center has big stories and cosmic revelations to bring to the planet's consciousness.


More to share in this video.



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