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Five Spirit-Based Essentials For Life

Posted on May 24, 2019 at 9:40 AM

1.      Trust Your Gut

The small voice that says “no” to a job offer or “yes” to speaking to a stranger is a reliable compass for decision-making in uncertain times. The gut delivers fast, immediate and clear messages if I’m willing to trust it. Allow that small voice in the gut to come to the microphone often.


2.      Listen to Your Heart

Whispers of personal truth come through feelings. Feelings tell with immediate accuracy what I need in a situation. I’ve squashed these messages of truth down before, French-press coffee style, but the personal needs don’t go away. Listening to the heart’s true feelings allows my needs to be addressed sooner. Don’t ignore these messages.


3.      Respect Your Mind

Besides being the home of every life memory,a stack of educational degrees and the list of all-time favorite beers, the mind pinpoints possibilities, actualities and liabilities. Allow the mind’s knowledge base to bring out areas of improvement, strategy and commitment. Use logic and practicality regularly. Respect what the mind says, but don’t let it rule over the other senses all the time.


4.      Follow Your Spirit

Your soul’s eternal wisdom is always accessible through a listening connection to Spirit. Quiet moments of solitude and peace bring answers that can’t be found on a billboard or in an email message. Find quiet times to just be without distraction, and the soul’s beautiful wisdom will pour forth.


5.      Alignment of Gut, Heart, Mind and Spirit = Goldmine!

Trusting, listening, respecting and following from every area of your Being leads to purposeful direction and action. The gut’s compass, the heart’s truth, the mind’s knowledge and the spirit’s wisdom illuminate the path that is for your highest and best good.

I like to call this combination the Pure and Utter Brilliant Path for Life Dream-making.

And who would want to settle for anything less in this fabulous life?

Categories: Personal Musings, Conscious Messages