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Conscious Soul Growth Guidance

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Awakening Consciousness

I AM Powerful In All Ways

"Awakening Consciousness is the understanding that we are each responsible for our own energy, in every situation, all of the time.

As a powerful creator of your life, you are the master of your energy, and everything (yep, everything) supports your learning and understanding of your energy. Awakening Consciousness is about actively claiming full power over all aspects of your life, from financial and professional experiences, to the karmic lessons, soul work, and belief systems you as a Soul chose to experience in this lifetime.

Awakening Consciousness is understanding the vastness of yourself as a Soul, beyond the restrictions of physical, Ego-Mind, or third dimensional life. You are an eternal being having a temporary experience.

As you connect to Awakening Consciousness, the Bigger Picture becomes evident and you open up to more of your innate Soul gifts, talents, and skills, including potential intuition development, psychic abilities, telepathy, channeling, energy work, healing, and other esoteric interests that support you as a Soul."

Excerpt from The Modern Heroine’s Journey of Consciousness by Molly McCord.

Copyright ©2013 by Molly McCord. This material is protected by US and international copyright and may be not distributed freely unless written permission has been received from the author.

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