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Caché Paris:

A Guidebook to Discover New Places, Hidden Spaces, and a Favorite Oasis

The secret (and fast) entrance to the Louvre. The fascinating Parisian walk that guides you through centuries of French history in a single afternoon. Strategic advice for beating the crowds at Chateau de Versailles (and what days not to visit!). Three doable, worthwhile day trips from Paris. The best parks and little-known delightful neighborhoods to get lost in as you explore one of the world’s favorite cities. And shhhh….probably many new places, hidden spaces, and a favorite oasis that even Rick Steves doesn’t know about yet.

Plus, Caché Paris reveals more intriguing secrets, including:

- How did exotic animals end up in the middle of Paris?

- Why is the Louvre composed of nine different architectural styles?

- Where can you experience an unexpected (and never busy) bird’s eye view of the city?

- Which Parisian park has a grotto, waterfall, and suspension bridge?

- What should you do if you experience a metro strike?

- What select nights of the year are filled with city-wide music, celebration, and dancing in the streets?

With numerous links, resources, and insider’s knowledge-based Haute Tips, Caché Paris also features French menu cards for translating popular ingredients (especially helpful for those with special dietary needs!); a sample weekly itinerary with unique city highlights; and a variety of activities, adventures, and events so you can create a truly memorable, personable visit to the City of Lights.

This ebook was written specifically for downloading on to your mobile phone, tablet, iPad, or any portable device so you can easily access this information throughout the city – no need to carry a heavy book!

During your Parisian visit, make time for the iconic monuments of the city and indulge in the spectacular cuisine. But then set aside time for creating the iconic moments that you will never forget.

Caché Paris leaves the faux glow-in-the-dark Eiffel Towers behind and introduces you to the real Parisian souvenirs (“to remember”) you are ready to experience!

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We're off to Paris!

Now available!

Caché Paris Self-Guided Walking Audio Tour

Listen, learn, and love Paris more on the go!

Paris comes alive in a single afternoon as you walk the eight significant landmarks of the Historical Axis with this self-guided audio tour. No need to try and remember the history, facts, or interesting stories described in Caché Paris! 

Now you can listen on your own time as you stroll along this fascinating path that takes you through select highlights of Parisian history, culture, and development. 

What does the bee insignia mean on certain buildings? Why does the Louvre have different architectural styles and designs that perhaps only a keen eye would notice? Can you imagine the Tuileries Garden being 30 feet higher? What do the eight statues in the Place de la Concorde signify? Which giant monument is intentionally shifted to the left as a political statement? And who is the mastermind credited with designing the city of Paris as we know and see it today?

And in the third audio, you'll even discover the secret (and fast) entrance to the Louvre.

Bonus! You'll also receive strategic advice for beating the crowds at Chateau de Versailles (including what days not to visit!); forgotten Versailles sanctuaries; and 10 tips advising you on how to spend a full day enjoying the vast property.

  • Arrive in Paris with an audio guide tour ready to go on your phone, mp3 player, or mobile device
  • Customize your walking tour based on the sights you want to visit
  • Listen to as much - or as little - as you want at each destination
  • Convenient, portable, informative
  • Fully immerse yourself into the history, stories, and interesting facts about the Historical Axis

Please note: This audiobook is only for Chapter 3 from the book Caché Paris: A Guidebook to Discover New Places, Hidden Spaces, and a Favorite Oasis. It is not an audiobook for the full guidebook.

You can download this audiobook for FREE during your free trial with Audible! 

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