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Conscious Soul Growth Guidance

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Four Stages of Spiritual Growth

YOUR AWAKENING JOURNEY WILL continue to reveal more about yourself in fascinating ways. 

You will see where you’ve been in your soul growth, as well as previous versions of yourself that no longer exist. You will see how you viewed life experiences from one level of consciousness that was unknowingly limited. You will see how different your perceptions are now as you open up to all of the love, joy, and peace that is within you, and around you. You may even tune into future versions of yourself that you are creating now for your next cycle of experiences. You are always in development and growth as long as you are here on the planet.

One way to observe yourself and your growth is through categories that are easily described as “life cycle stages.” Similar to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, each person is a Soul growing, expanding, and developing through a specific stage that is best for them at this time. Sub-stages exist within each main stage, and some stages overlap. Here is a description of four life cycle stages, and key words associated with each one:

Spiritual Infants: No interest in personal growth and development; focus on basic survival needs. Stability, simplicity, comfort. Prefers known environments and values others leading the way. No concept of Self in a bigger sense. Focus on primal pleasures and needs, such as physical body, money, statue, and Ego.

Spiritual Children: Repeats what is popular. Plays 'follow the leader.' Limited understanding of complex principles. Often content with status quo. Curious, playful, naïve, no commitments. Happy with what is known and safe. Self is often narrowly defined and determined by others. Typically interested in immediate life concerns, such as money, job, sex, addictions, and/or daily essentials of life.

Spiritual Teenagers: Seeking and pushing boundaries through extremes. Reckless, righteousness, exploring, integrating, applying. Doesn’t foresee consequences or long-term perspective. Impressionable. Heavily influenced by peers. Experimentation and extremism to discover Self. May perpetuate dogma and/or righteousness about spiritual values.

Spiritual Adults: Fuller experiences and awareness of Self in relation to the world. Responsibility, maturity, openness, accepting, realistic. Can feel heaviness, obligation, weariness. Needs to relax and trust. May take on others’ experiences to assist with growth. Needs to remain detached and loving to Self.

One of the key lessons of working with spiritual life cycles is communication. How does one speak to a Spiritual Infant or a Spiritual Teenager? What language is effective to find a common ground?

Your Awakening Self:

Connect Deeply With Your True Evolving Soul

Are you feeling new energetic levels in your life? 

Have you recognized how much you have evolved and grown through this amazing period we are living in? 

Do you feel a fresh part of yourself emerging and ready to come through? 

The spiritual evolution and consciousness expansion will continue on our planet, and it is also a time to celebrate our Selves, our lives, our essences, and our journey as each component has culminated in the experience of NOW. 

In "Your Awakening Self: Connect Deeply With Your True Evolving Soul", 26 spiritual topics will open you up further to the innate wisdom of your soul gifts that you are ready to receive now. 

Table of Contents


  1. Your Awakenings
  2. Your Spiritual Growth
  3. Your Authenticity
  4. Your Self-Judgment
  5. Your Boundaries
  6. Your Dreams
  7. Your Energy
  8. Awakenings Require You To Grow
  9. Your Spiritual Integrity
  10. Your Relationship Changes
  11. Your Discernment
  12. Your Allegiance
  13. Energetic Exfoliation
  14. Spiritual Upliftment
  15. Energetic Independence
  16. Energetic Intentions
  17. Practical Application of Your Spiritual Knowledge
  18. Honoring Your Authority
  19. Spiritual Life Cycle Stages
  20. The Big Bang Theory and Birthing New Worlds Within
  21. Recalibration
  22. Detachment
  23. Mentorships
  24. Lighthouses, Lightshiners
  25. Living With Flow and Flexibility
  26. Living As Your Fully Awakened Self

As your awakening journey unfolds, new parts of your Self come forth to greet you and this inspiring guide reminds you to stay in your power, integrity, and highest intentions as you greet each day.